STEP Stories

Focus on Flying

At Endeavor Air, we offer our low-hour interviews to our STEP participants. With a CJO in hand, you can focus on flying without worrying about your next step.

Zach Bates, Kent State University

Recent college graduate Zach Bates interviewed with Endeavor during a campus career event. Securing a job offer allows him to focus on refining his skills without the stress of wondering if his time will pay off.

Ben Egan, Western Michigan University

With another semester of school to go, Ben Egan wanted to interview early and focus on being the best he could be for his flight students. With several hundred hours of flight time yet to go, Ben is excited knowing he'll be ready for the next "step" once he meets his R-ATP minimums.

Brendan Foley, University of North Dakota

With just a few hundred hours to go until meeting R-ATP minimums, Brendan Foley battles the elements while building his time and credentials in pursuit of his dream job.

Rob Kiszka, Purdue University

When he started his collegiate career, Rob Kiszka didn't have his big brother to help him navigate campus. That's where a fellow Purdue pilot, and eventual Endeavor Air captain, stepped in to help him find his brotherly bond in the air.